Biomecanics - BIOEVOLUTION Canvas- Azul Marino Blue


Biomecanics specialize in manufacturing shoes for every stage of growth. With the Biomecanics BIOEVOLUTION line, we get our children to feel more comfortable when taking their steps. This footwear is capable of withstanding intensive use, providing great freedom of movement, always using top quality materials. In addition, its toe and instep clearance allows the correct growth of foot and toes.

  • Soft upper

    The soft and flexible material used for the upper, is responsible for the incredible comfort of these shoes. It is hard to find a more practical model for an active boy.

  • High-grade bottom

    High-grade material used to make the sole of these shoes is incredibly durable and resistant to damage. These shoes are perfect for your child's everyday activities.

  • Fabric interior

    The interior of these boy’s shoes has been lined with soft material which increases the comfort of your child’s feet.

  • Practical Velcro

    It’s hard to find a more practical fastener than Velcro. Your little one can easily put the shoes on by himself - in kindergarten or at school.

  • Solid insole

    The material from which the insole is made is extremely durable and resistant to abrasion. With proper care, the shoes will serve your child for longer.

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