Babyfied Apparel - Sunglasses - Rounds - Glossy Black


Glam and stylish, Babyfied Glossy Black Rounds will quickly become the trendy baby's fave sunglasses. These glossy black sunnies will keep your baby stylish and safe in the sun all day long.TAC polarized lenses offer superior visual clarity. UV400 lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection for baby's sensitive eyes, help reduce harsh glare, and improve baby's ability to see on sunny days. Our sunnies feature super flexible, non-toxic silicone frames and hard coated, scratch-resistant lenses so baby can bend, twist, or chew without damaging the glasses. Babyfied Classics come with a slim, stylish, and flexible drawstring pouch for non-bulky, convenient storage. They also come with an adjustable snap-on strap to keep those glasses on baby's face! Ideal for babies 2 months and up.

  • stylish glossy black sunglasses for babies 2-24months
  • polarized UV400 TAC scratch resistant lenses
  • - non-toxic, BPA free silicone frames
  • ultra Lightweight and flexible - safe for baby to bend, twist, or chew on
  • come with a Stretchy, adjustable hook-on strap and a slim, stylish, drawstring pouch for non-bulky, convenient storage
  • frames are Rx-able

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