Garvalin - Sandal - Blanco White

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Kids Sandal.

Leather upper and insole. Grippy Rubber tread.

Made in Spain

  • Durable bottom

    Light and comfortable girl’s sandals are a must-have for summer trips. Choose shoes with soles made of high-grade material that will provide your child with stability and comfort.

  • Practical Velcro

    These sandals have practical Velcro straps which make adjusting the shoes easier and keep the feet in place. With these shoes, your child can fully commit to having fun!

  • Leather upper

    Kids’ sandals should adequately ventilate their feet. The straps made of grain leather support this effect.

  • Flexible interior

    The interior of these sandals is lined with soft and flexible imitation leather which protects the feet from blisters. This is a perfect model for summer!

  • Comfortable insole

    The soft and flexible insoles in these shoes are perfect for the summer – they mold to the feet without causing blisters which, especially in summer, can be uncomfortable.