BLUNDSTONE - Kids Red Patent

$129.99 $144.99

Blundstone Kids’ boots #2253 in Red Patent puts a shine on a kid’s day. Red patent is a solid step up, playground-style wise. Perfect for dress-up. All-day dry comfort. Removable footbeds for months more wear. Hand-me-down quality. Wipe-clean easy.

-Removable footbeds for months more wear. 
-Kids leather boot with weatherproof elastic.
-Full length additional footbed supplied to extend size range.
-Polyurethane sole. 
-Oil, acid and organic fat resistant.


*Please note these are US sizes. Numbers on the boxes are Australian. Per Blundstone, US sizing is one bigger than The Australian. So, for example, an Australian 1 is the equivalent of a US 2. 

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