Biomecanics - BIOGATEO - Navy Shimmer


Developed along with the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia

Footwear that is ERGONOMIC and RESPECTFUL of their feet at each stage of development.

SOFT and FLEXIBLE, designed to offer protection in uncontrolled environments. So they can take their first steps confidently!

FLAT INSOLE, without plantar arch, REMOVABLE and BREATHABLE to prevent the formation of fungi and bacteria.

BioLining micro-perforated

LINING: SUSTAINABLE and even more DURABLE. Free of agents harmful to health. Our INNOVATIVE BioLining system made up of MICROFIBRES with a leather-like feel does not fade and favours EVAPORATION within the shoe. THERMOREGULATING EFFECT for dry and healthy feet!

Developed in collaporation with the Spanish Paediatric Nursing Association.

  • Natural upper

    Velcro shoes made of natural grain leather mean 100% comfort for your child. This material will fit the shape of the smallest feet.

  • Leather interior

    Natural leather used to line the interior of these shoes, is extremely solid and resistant to abrasion. Give your child quality footwear which is perfect for kindergarten.

  • High-grade bottom

    High-grade material used to make the sole of these shoes is incredibly durable and resistant to damage. These shoes are perfect for your child's everyday activities.

  • Practical Velcro

    It’s hard to find a more practical fastener than Velcro. Your little one can easily put the shoes on by himself - in kindergarten or at school.

  • Comfortable insole

    Natural leather used to make the insole is extremely durable and comfortable. It stands out with high-quality and solid finish. These shoes will give your child maximum daily comfort.

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